Litecoin NFT's and a New Collection on Liteverse

My Project: SadFrogLTC

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What is it?
A non-generative 1/1 PFP Collection on OmniLite

How do I use it?
Go to liteverse collection page
search ‘sad frog’ and (make sure to give the collection a heart here) click the collection to check it out.
For self-custody off of the exchange, you will need Omnilite client on your computer.

Why should I care?
Litecoin Non-fungible tokens have been made possible through Omnilite over the past year or so. I noticed there wasn’t much being done with it until the exchange ‘Liteverse’ came out. It’s a small start up which I was able to learn a little about from one of the developers. Because Litecoin is community driven, there is not a lot of funds available which would stream line development, making Litecoin and it’s tools easier and more convenient to use for the average consumer. My goal is to help with this problem.

I am both the artist and developer for SadFrogLTC. I had some experience with Fullstack development years ago before becoming an electrician, so now I switch up learning how to work with Omnilite Api with the goal of making a web application, and working on the art for the collection over time after work. I aim to provide holders’ privileges and access to content with the development of the web app. I will be documenting my experience along the way for others to learn from. Once the collection gets rolling and gets more exposure, the funds from SadFrogLTC will be reinvested into the community, be it fellow NFT projects, or development funds.

How do I get help?

  You can do several things like:

Share tweets from both @SadFrogLTCand @theLiteverse

Visit the Liteverse marketplace and give the SadFrogLtc collection a like after searching for ‘sad frog’ on the collection page - this will raise the collections rankings on the front page of the exchange

You can tweet at me and tell me how much you like the art! That’ll inspire me and keep me on track
Get SadFrogLTC at Liteverse


Link to collection:

Link to site

It is certainly not a good time to promote NFTs.

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Let me know when a good time comes up! We’ll share the collection then as well.

Wishing you the best of luck with all of your NFT endeavours. You have a lot of talent as a creative person. Today, more and more creative people are opting to pursue careers in this field.

@Nickz It is certainly not a good time to give smart advices. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, it is not a good time to do that!