Łitecoin Monkeys play to earn LTC NFT project

Łitecoin Monkeys NFT


What is it?
Litecoin Monkeys, collection of 2000 unique algorithmically generated NFTs collectible on the Binance Smart Chain that used for collectors to battle each other.

How do I use it?
Make them battle and earn LTC BEP20! Monkeys have four attributes which help them in battle: Attack Power, Defence Power, Speed and Health.

Why should I care?

1-) This project utilizes LTC which is available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and backed up by Binance. They bought a big chunk LTC and started own contract with it. Binance has reserved 725,000 LTC and minted 725,000 Binance-peg Litecoin. In this NFT project, we use Binance-peg LTC which is backed by the original. Hard cap is same because there is no extra token on BSC. Every Binance-peg LTC was a LTC before and is still one. So, Litecoin Monkeys NFT project utilizes LTC.

2-) 25% of the proceeds going to the LTC Foundation. So, minting Litecoin Monkeys and playing battles are also a fun way to support the Litecoin project!

3-) People can earn by playing battles. On the other hand there are LTC distribution models according to scoreboard and/or general giveaway to holders.

4-) Representing LTC on Binance smart chain and web3.

5-) Moving collectibles to Omnilite and planned to put the project to marketplaces building on Omnilite.

How do I get help?
Join us and send your any question.

Twitter: @LitecoinMonkeys
Telegram: @LitecoinMonkeys

Sometimes I should read all before answering :joy: