Litecoin missing

Hi, I hope you all can help me in this, restored my phone and reinstall back my LoafWallet and all the coin lost, I keyed in the 12 phrase as I first wrote down still the restore of the wallet became 0 figure, before I restore my phone, I did a transaction to shapeshift to convert abit lite coin to ripple coin, so I did use this to check on my wallet address, but I’m not so clear about it. please help me where do I start to look back for my litecoin? I used bitcoin on changerlly to convert into litecoin and my wallet address is LSqmUJt7snENAsYZ6X1enps7ZVds4Xa3gx, I’ve owned the litecoin for quite awhile, I remember before I restore my phone, my LoafWallet address has changed already(im not sure if this is normal) changed into LKxHr9sK9hQgWKu8qdbBCzureFaVR1hMzV, but my litecoin still in the wallet.

Did you check your loaf wallet have any transaction?

Hi! no transaction too, it became totally blank

Did you wrote down your paper Key?

@whenwaswill problem solve?

Hi!! Not yet!! No one seems to respond in my issues

if you had the 12 key word backed up, you should be able to recover your coins

Yes, I’ve key in the 12 phrase I wrote down, but when I’m in it’s empty, even my transaction records