Litecoin mining

I would like to start mining for litecoin. What would you guys advice me regarding the mining equipment and the pool.

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Antminer L3, litecoin pool


Antminer L3++ works well and there is also cheap firmware one can buy to lessen the noise and increase efficiency such as Blissz , I bought for a dollar. Also for a quieter and smaller scale mining the future bit Apollo Litecoin miner is awesome

As far as mining pool I use Litecoin pool Is a great pool to mine with, they merge mine with Doge coin so that makes the LTC payout more, right now it’s 152% payout. Here are some helpful resources.

Hopefully this helps


thank you very much

I never knew mining LTC was a thing… Definitely keen to learn more about it also. Any good websites etc where I can learn?

Hey guys I’m new here will you guide me about Litecointalk I have used bitcointalk and didn’t of experience of Litecoin so please tell me how I can earn here

Read a few posts to find out… :face_with_monocle:

anyone active here?