Litecoin mining

I would like to start mining for litecoin. What would you guys advice me regarding the mining equipment and the pool.

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Antminer L3, litecoin pool


Antminer L3++ works well and there is also cheap firmware one can buy to lessen the noise and increase efficiency such as Blissz , I bought for a dollar. Also for a quieter and smaller scale mining the future bit Apollo Litecoin miner is awesome

As far as mining pool I use Litecoin pool Is a great pool to mine with, they merge mine with Doge coin so that makes the LTC payout more, right now it’s 152% payout. Here are some helpful resources.

Hopefully this helps


thank you very much

I never knew mining LTC was a thing… Definitely keen to learn more about it also. Any good websites etc where I can learn?

Hey guys I’m new here will you guide me about Litecointalk I have used bitcointalk and didn’t of experience of Litecoin so please tell me how I can earn here

Read a few posts to find out… :face_with_monocle:

anyone active here?

Personally I would use a decentralised litecoin pool. Just search for Litecoin P2Pool. The advantage is that these pools do not require any registration at all. There is also less risk of losing coins as the rewards are automatically sent to miners and not saved on a central wallet.

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Good to know about litecoin mining. Definitely, I am very keen to learn more about it.

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I would recommend you to join a mining pool as that will be more ideal. Being an individual miner won’t be much rewarding as we cannot compete with the large mining farms.