Litecoin Mining Profitability Calculator Widget

Litecoin Mining Profitability Calculator Widget

We’ve finished working on a widget for other webmasters to put on their own websites. It’s a mining calculator widget, designed to give a profit estimate based on several factors, such as hash rate, power usage, power costs, pool fees, maintenance fees and hardware or contract costs. It will take into account the current rate of Litecoin against the USD, along with the difficulty of the coin. The user is then shown four profit outcomes. Daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. It will also show them how long it’s going to take for them to breakeven on their investment, in days, taking their inital fees into consideration.

Using the widget is free and very simple. We provide you with embed code that you just paste onto your website where you would like the widget to show. It’s responsive and mobile friendly, so will work on 320px mobiles as well as full desktops. You can customize the widget too, change the colors of the buttons, results, etc to make it match your website.

You can see the widget on our website at

If you need any help customizing it, making it fit onto a website, or have any suggestions we can add to make it better, please contact either here, on any of our social media sites or on our website.

That’s a really cute page. Didn’t see any obvious web hijacks, which is nice and it’s handy to have a better tool than bitcoinwisdom’s very broken calculator.

Weirder that Titans are still profitable. Wow.

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