Litecoin Marketing Bystander Effect

How did you find out about Litecoin? Chances are, you didn’t hear about it from someone marketing Litecoin just on their own–although that does seem to the expectation. Just below this post someone asks, “Who here, is the Amanda Johnson of Litecoin?”. Obviously, I’m not the only one whose on to this. So, what is the Litecoin community waiting for?

It’s time to stop asking and time for someone to step-up. In this post, I want to address the “Litecoin Marketing Bystander Effect”-- or more plainly, that we need an ambassador of Litecoin in the media. Someone who is a presence on social media that can help new investors navigate with confidence–or at the very least, to make informed decisions. It’s easy enough to learn about the technology behind Litecoin but how easy is it to understand the Litecoin Market and where it’s heading?

More and more fiat is coming cryptocurrency everyday–just look at the market cap. Things are accelerating so quickly, and yet, we’re still pointing would-be investors towards the same ol’ resources we were using back in 2014. Speculators are being driven towards resources like Paradox of Choice, anyone?

People just want context. Is it really that hard?

Charlie and the dev’s are always going to get probed by people looking to speculate on the direction of Litecoin. Given the nature of what they do, wouldn’t you want to hear it from the horses mouth? But how much time do they really have (or want) to engage with the community? Sorry Charlie, you’re probably always going to get dumb tweets asking you to “fix” LTC prices :frowning: Realistically, they can’t answer every question–nor should they. So, if I have questions, where do I go? Who can I trust?

Trying to get up to speed in the crypto “game” ain’t easy. People are always looking for ways cut corners. Not everyone has a technical lens to look through. Not everyone has a finance lens to look through. Not everyone has the time to scour the Earth for answers. When the onus is on would-be investors to do credible research, it should come as no surprise they take the path of least resistance. The information is out there; just not in a newbie-friendly way. Can we really expect someone without cryptocurrency experience to troll Twitter, Github, and Reddit diligently?

No, this isn’t exclusively Litecoin’s problem but if we can do something about it–why not? The info people want is out there. Why can’t we curate it? Can’t Litecoin have it’s own thought-leader? We get mad that people spread FUD or are uninformed about Litecoin but we aren’t exactly making it easy to see the forest through the trees.

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A nubie here. I wonder where is mass adoption of LiteCoin most pronounced? In which countries or geographical regions. Who is using it for daily purchases? Who is buying it as an investment? It would be great to have people talking about it on U-Tube or Steemit and everywhere else. And talking about how easy it is to use and how fast! And how wonderful it is to be holding an appreciating currency, for a change. Is there a Governance Board to which proposals can be made?