Litecoin (LTC) Price Could Reach a New High of $500

According to CoinMarketCap data, Litecoin price is surging drastically towards a new high of $500. In fact, Litecoin’s upward surge in price looks somewhat promising in the entire crypto market.

About the current Litecoin (LTC) bullish surge, crypto analyst Lark Davis also shared a tweet saying that “Litecoin is finally taking off!”.

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I like and feel the optimism is deserved. LTC increasing then adding utility with MWEB, first the Flare Network very soon appears to further its use and value.

My today’s prediction is that it could easily reach $714.

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… Well, this didn’t agree well

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Always depends on the timeframe.

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lolol new user here, i bought yesterday at 160

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Great buy. Welcome to litecoin. Don’t forget to take note of the correlation to btc & eth when you bought.

I am new here. I have bought some litecoin when it was at $200. Now I am already in loss.
I am confused, did I make the right decision?

Not at all. Just don’t sell if you don’t need the money immediately.

Price went down $117 and is recovering (~$165 by now). It will take a little, but it will get back to your $200 and make a further climb.


We are now arriving to yours 200 bucks (199 as I see noew).

Take a deep breath and watch the correlation between LTC over BTC (0.0051) that is healthy and going up after a two year down trend.

So, if you dig cryptocurrencies in general, LTC is your best bet now. If you later decide to sell, don’t trade for USD if you don’t really need to use USD.


:+1: me gusta

For sure n confident to LTC ’ from begin i joined to crypto :blush:

Please tell me how this is possible when LTC is only releasing MWeb and not doing anything else? To me this feels like a hype and marketing bull run as evident by some shitcoins we saw earlier in the year.

BTC had first mover advantage and even though LTC is basically the same as BTC it doesnt have that first mover hype… Its dropping in Mcap from 5 to 15 now… Please tell me what is going on with LTC as an investor this is frustrating to see everything outperform

First of all: MWEB is a major upgrade not only to LTC, but also can affect BTC. That’s because it is been build as an Extension Block, that can be detached to LTC. This effort takes time and will bring a major quality to LTC that could be extended to BTC: fungibility.

Second, LTC has already a large user base and is being used by many many people for many years. This is not true for most of the coins you see on the market. Many of them will eventually disappear.

Third, speculators speculate. This means that there’s a reason for the “outperformance” you meant. LTCBTC ratio was declining, yet, if you look at the charts, there were always people willing to buy. You didn’t saw a huge drop at once. You saw a slow pace decline, meaning “bulls” were there to buy, they were just not controlling the price.

Four, this scenario is changing. LTC already climbed from 0.0032 to 0.0049 and made some necessary corrections along the way, meaning it has a solid growth. Also, LTCETH seams to be at the very reversion point. After reaching 0.065, it is reversing the trend and the actual price is at 0.06989. After reversing ETH, the game will change for LTC.

Don’t forget that ETH growth is also driven by large miners fees and by now ETH got some major concurrence players (ADA/BNB). LTC didn’t get this price inflation driven by fees that BTC had in the past, and ETH got these days.

Miners are mining and healthy without the ‘huge fees incentive’. Network is zero-downtime charging less fees than most.

Welcome to LTC.