Litecoin lottery

hello friends. I have an idea to create a litecoin lottery . Do you think there will be demand?


Sorry, I don’t there will be any. Games like these are more suited for Ethereum ecosystem.

I like the idea, with the “house” side going to the Litecoin foundation.

For example, sell a chance to win 25 LTC for .1 LTC. Have the lottery be capped at 50 LTC to be donated (or any other figure.)

25 LTC to the winner and 25 LTC to the foundation, assuming state and country laws allow such in their area

I think it is a grand idea. I’d donate .1 LTC monthly for the chance to win and knowing I was helping the Foundation.


I had a similar idea not to long ago. If you would like to get in touch I think we could arrange some sort of collaboration.

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Thank you, all, for answer. Sorry for my bad english)

My idea is ( schema), for example:

  • 100 ticket. 1ticket price = 10$. Winner price (jackpot) = 10х100=1000$
  • chance = 1/100 win 1000$ in LTC
  • other 99 people who lost = get “x_point”. After every cycle lottery “x_point” will be increase. Who will be play more and more, they will have many “x_point” token.
  • “x_point” can increase in lending lottery cycle, bay/sell other people, (can bay in ICO, maybe)
  • “x_point” people can exchange on ticket (auction method) for take part in lottery.

conclusion: the more often you play - the greater the chance to win

its “liteCore:)” = 10$x100people; win 1000$, chance /100;
its “hardCore:)” = 50$x200people; win 10 000$, chance /200;

I give preference “liteCore”, where: low price, low jackpot, hight chance. where people often take part.

How do You think?:

  • what is the ticket price?
  • how many tickets.

Thanks for answer :wink:


I’m uncertain what you mean by x_point, and the whole mechanism surrounding that.


“x_point” its name is Litecoin Lottery Token.
The Litecoin Lottery Token is given free automatically, who lose in lottery.
Then people can “Litecoin Lottery Token” exchange on lottery ticket freely/free (auction method) and take part in new lottery cycle.

people can buy lottery tickets with LTC or Litecoin Lottery Token.