Litecoin Login/NFT API | Looking for Testuser

Hey Folks,

Actually im writing a Web-API for the Litecoin Blockchain.
Starting from the strech, i made a login and added Litecoin functions for Core and Omni Layer.
Also an IPFS adoption is done.

The Goal is to create a global Login like google or facebook login with a Litecoin depo.
Every User gets 5 Litecoin addresses (mweb, taproot, segwit, legacy & omni)
There will be 2 balances. 1 for omni, this will be for NFT stuff and 1 for the other 4 addresses.

Imagine u login on a website using this API and u have instantly ur LTC and NFT’s ready.
Wouldn’t that be awesome?

What i need are interested people for this project as test Users to check the security and improve the “User friendly” usage of the API and my example Website.

For committed Testusers a bonus in LTC is planed.

U want more information?
Then ask me what ever u need to know here or even better join my Discord