Litecoin Litepay to Launch 2/26/18. Anyone get in yet? Post here on when/if you get litepay!

Litecoin Litepay Launch: Feb 26th 2018. Has anyone got contacted yet? Or better yet in for a card?

I’ve signed up to be informed…but so far nothing…also NO word on the exact time it will launch on Monday 2/26/28. About 6 hours till 2/26/28 CST USA. So lurking :slight_smile:

This thread is for WHEN the balloon goes up and also any info on how the signup works for the card and other stuff.

Here below is a link to the sign up page…you put your email in this, and supposedly you are contacted on launch…nothing for me as of yet.

Feel free to toss you email on this site below and ‘lurk’ like myself…I really want to try to test one these cards out …see how it goes…

all my income is from LTC mining as of now (retired 1/14/18) …so ready to cut loose with this credit card/debit card option.

here is the link to sign up and supposedly get LTC wallet and other stuff after launch


We also serve who ‘lurk and wait’ :slight_smile:

Well…I should have seen this coming …Visa pulled out of this litepay plan

likely the same time facebook and a mess of major banks said they will not take crypto anymore on credit cards

thus litepay will have to putter along, IMHO, like bitpay …(3 years) and work something out with that

nice to see we have scared the hell out of credit card companies and the banks (progress) :slight_smile:

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I heard rumors about litepay probably launching March 25th of this month