Litecoin Level-2 solutions

Hi, I’m new here, so sorry if this question has already been answered.

Are there any plans for L2 solutions on Litecoin? Akin to Merlinchain & Stacks for BTC? Or any plans for extending the blockchain with smart contracts?

Or is Litecoin’s long-term vision to remain purely store-of-value asset like Bitcoin?

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Litecoin already have mimblewimble extended chain with huge abilities.

Having smart contract is not what Litecoin started for, it has value for purchasing digital things online, or even physicals products in some stores, and for sure it will has more value in the long term being one of the oldest chains.

If you notice, some new coins are using Litecoin as backed-by.
example, zerochain [dot] info, you can see it has swap based on native Zero <> Litecoin blockchains, due to low fees and to use the trusted value Litecoin already have these days, so you can imagine the value in the future.