Litecoin Latest Development

Hi guys, my name is Denesh Kumar from Malaysia. I am a investor and cryptocurrency miner. I am thinking about to invest in litecoin mining machine. Before I invest, i would like to know the current development that have been going on litecoin. I would be very grateful if anyone can share regarding what is the current litecoin ongoing developments, future projects and any other details.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Litecoin has been very active lately. Two main developments were made:

  1. The inclusion of Omnilayer as part of main LTC tree, Omni is now part of LTC as Omnilite. Effort made by @losh11.
  2. The development of MWEB (MimbleWimble extension block) by @David . This brings fungibility to LTC, and can also be implemented on BTC and DOGE, making a huge advance for the crypto world.

Apart of that, @coblee is more committed to Litecoin than ever making his word come true, seeking for worldwide adoption.

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