Litecoin Keychains anyone?

Back in 2013, I had a bunch of silver-plated Litecoin keychains manufactured (see The Litecoin Devs had reached out to me after an initial run, and had an idea to get them out to Litecoin enthusiasts, but it never panned out. Sales have slowed down since, and now I have a ton of Litecoin keychains, and I’m not very involved in Litecoin. So… Does anyone want to buy bulk quantities of Litecoin keychains? If so, just let me know, I’m willing to wheel and deal. You can also contact me via the contact page at You can find my 2013 posts about this keychain at the old Litecoin forum.

I need pictures of it first and how do you sell your lots? thanks Al

Aside from a couple of photos at, here’s a link to more (ignore the other items in some photos).

There’s no defined way I sell lots. Feel free to make me an offer for whatever quantity you’re interested in. Or tell me the quantity or quantities you’re interested in, and I’ll give you a price. If we can make a deal, great.

so are these the ones? how much for a 100x sent to hawaii expedited shipping? Shipping would,be less than $4.00 for tracked shipping. are they metal or plastic?

how many litecoin keychain do you have ?

Yes, these are the keychains. They are metal - zinc alloy with silver plating. And they aren’t light, 100 weighs about 3 3/4 pounds, plus packaging weight. I might be able to fit them in a small USPS Priority Mail box, I’m unsure. If you want to reference a particular shipping service and price, let me know. I don’t think you can get expedited shipping for 4 pounds (EDIT: I mean $4).

Due to my schedule, I probably need 24 hours to get them packed and shipped, once we have a deal… We still haven’t talked price. While I’d usually say to PM me, we can haggle publicly if you like.

And just so ya know, I’m not looking for any risk in this transaction. As I’m sure you’d agree, trust factor for a 15-hour-old account on a crypto forum is low.

how much u want for 50? 100? I am looking to laser engrave private keys on them and trade physical litecoins…

I had the same idea, but laser engraving doesn’t work on zinc alloy because it melts at a relatively low temperature. The heat of the laser completely messes em up. The only way to engrave these is with a CNC machine (check out this pic of CNC’d Bitcoin keychains w/ public key:
But neither side is blank on these Litecoin keychains, so not sure you’d want try a QR code, regardless of method.

As a few interested parties haven’t responded for a few days, I’m going back to hodling my stash of keychains. Anyone is welcome to PM me if they are interested. I’m also open to donating and/or special deals for good Litecoin causes.

cool…now I know…is it even cost effective at all to use a cnc machine for this being that you would use a different private key for each coin? Are you looking to get rid of these key chains in bulk only or would you sell 10 or so at a time?

I guess “cost effective” depends on the difference between your costs and how much you’d sell the finished product for. I was trying to partner with someone who had a CNC machine to do this, but he wasn’t able to produce consistent results, so I just gave up. If I had time, I’d buy my own little CNC and try to figure it out. But time is the thing I have least of.

I’d sell a smaller quantity, please PM me if you want to work out a price.