Litecoin is undervalued, right?

Hi there,

today i have heared i a YouTube Video that litecoin is undervalued. How do you think about? What do you believe would be a fair price right now?

And where do you believe will litecoin in the next few years?

I cannot say much about it because I don’t even know why bitcoin is so high. But I also think litecoin is much more used than monero so I don’t understand why litecoin is just the half of the price than monero.

For my point I am sure that litecoin is doing right to do the mimblewimble project and I am sure that many users would than prefer litecoin instead of bitcoin. So I hope that litecoin will rise to 500$ per coin.

I am really interested what you think about.

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I am hodl’ing LTC (about 350 or so) due to coming mimblewimble (that and i’m in at this LTC at around $85) …so now with the PayPal 'gift from above" and everything rainbows/fairies/star dust and unicorn farts…well…I guess I have a better shot of it getting to $85 again now…so still in HODL mode for the mimblewimble reasons, when/if it comes to pass. :slight_smile:

Remember, I know ‘nothing’ but being in a hole…I have ‘at least’ the ‘choice’ of when to panic and yell and get pulled out…so waiting for $85 bucks at least LTC again…to save face at worst. :frowning:

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Definitely undervalued. I think mainly because there are so many more shitcoins on the market soaking up the fiat. Best time to dollar cost average though. I think it should be trading around $100 right now at least. Monero had a better breakout pattern set up on the chart a couple months ago. That’s my guess as to why it broke out sooner…?
Under the surface the demand is still very much there. For example, the Grayscale Litecoin Investment Trust just bought up a bunch more to back LTCN which still trades at a hefty premium.

When a true “bull run” happens, and people start paying $30 for a BTC Tx. Or $15 for a ETH, & $20 for all the Tokens on top of it, they will realize where the “value lies”…

I can’t agree with you.

Could you please tell me more with what you don’t agree.