Litecoin is the second most transacted cryptocurrency on BitPay

Litecoin is currently the second most transacted cryptocurrency on BitPay, the largest crypto payments processor in the world.

  • Litecoin gained recognition in terms of transaction activity, which made it ideal for fast-paced trading.
  • Assessing LTC’s potential for a good short trade as it swings within a 2-month range.

Litecoin Bulls regain dominance
Litecoin cost was pushed up by a huge amount in recent times and has risen amounts by 9.43% in last 7 days to reach $82.42. The year 2023 is crucial for Litecoin, as the next LTC halving event could take place in the periphery of the year. The crypto expert Michael Van De Poppe, analysts are now bullish on the star crypto Bitcoin and its lighter version, Litecoin. He believes that 2023 Q1 could be when LTC may rebound and begin with a notable upswing soon. The Litecoin price prediction for 2023 as projected by coinpedia says LTC price could shoot to $ 102.874.


Amazing :fire::fire:

More like $130-$180 IMHO …