Litecoin is the payment coin


Agree 100%

Yes indeed

Litecoin transactions are fastest so any payment made with litecoin settles quickly as compared to the payments made with other altcoins. I think this is why it is a favourite mode of payment for most people.

There are lots of gateways other than bitpay that are supporting it. You can count on capitalwallet, coingate, binance pay etc. This makes it easier for merchants to accept crypto. Also payers, irrespective of the wallet they are using can easily send litecoin payments.


People who offer service should try to convince their clients to pay in LTC.
I think its not a smart idea to be connected to exchanges which can default and all suffer.
LTC works independly quite well.

Didn’t know binance offers merchant accounts! Have you used it and how are Capital wallet’s fees? I hope these offer integrations for online stores.

@Ziggurat I haven’t used Binance pay personally but I know that it supports litecoin payments. Also,Binance exchange has a good reputation in the market which makes me believe it’s good.

And yes, Capital wallet offers api integration for ecommerce websites and only charges 0.5%/ transaction. It’s one of the rare payment gateways that’s regulated and offers lowest fees. :grinning:

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Binance is quite activ in offering allkinds of services. But then its a company, a global one.

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@Nickz Yeah it’s quite popular as an exchange but I wasn’t aware of their payment services to business owners.

As a business Owner you don’t need to use a payment gateway. Many businesses rely on mail funnels and can pass on their Addresses.

@Xinxi How about contacting Stripe to add Litecoin to their crypto offers?

I agree 100%. Only an address us needed.

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With this achievement, the year 2023 also started with a positive note as the coin had gained over 6% within the last 7 days.

Litecoin with its newer adoptions and collaborations, is all set to shoot the price to $102.874 as per coinpedia.

When I purchase something with crypto online, and I’m presented with the coin options… I almost always use LTC. It’s just… easy. Quick and cheap to send.

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is it cheaper than say DOGE? I have a feeling DOGE is cheaper.

There are thousand of token which are cheaper. Most have not chance to grow in value.

As a quicker substitute for Bitcoin, Litecoin was created. As a result, transactions conducted using Litecoin often settle more quickly than transactions made using Bitcoin.

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Litecoin has always been my go-to crypto for inter-exchange transfers

100% Agree. Litecoin has been my go-to for settling crypto-based transactions super quick.