Litecoin is the best coin i invested on

its fast and giving great return

How lucky am I? I bought my first $100 worth of LTC on December 7th, just to own a non-decimal-amount of a blockchain currency… and thinking that maybe others, upon seeing the huge rise in Bitcoin might have the same thought.

Apparently, I guessed right! The $100 of BTC I bought the same day has taken five days to just return to the $100 I put in to it, while the LTC is up over 200% in the same time.

Yes Totally amazing coin… i hope its will leave bitcoin dust

That’s how I like to invest too, just guessing :wink:

Just messing @RHenningsgard, that made me laugh when I read it.

The whole cryptocurrency asset class is up about 100% in the last 1 month.

Rather than hoping that any one coin does well, better to hope the asset class as a whole does well.

The best thing you can do for the market is to continue to hold. Demand will grow but we all will hold so supply will stay limited ergo prices rise, everyone wins :moneybag::chart_with_upwards_trend:

The second best thing you can do is to incorporate crypto into your commerce activities (e.g. start accepting Litecoin for your services, start paying for services in LTC). I’ve done this and I’ll tell you, the work I did a month ago for just a few LTC really paid big time. I highly recommend asking for and accepting LTC but also, paying people with LTC (share the wealth).

Rather than just guessing and investing, I would encourage you to really get behind the concept of cryptocurrency as a replacement for fiat (LTC being the best, obviously). The more of us that start doing that in real life, the more the prices will rise.

Also, thank you for buying in. In the event this is just a big pyramid scheme, I’m very thankful for everyone like you who bought in at $100 and helped push prices up to $300+ :joy:

litecoin is going up and I believe will arrive to at least 10 % of bitcoin.bitcoin will jump very soon and litecoin also.
this month we will probably see litecoin on 800/900

yeah i made a post on here somewhere i think …definately on bitcoin talk litecoin thread that in

Sept all my mining was going to LTC and I was shooting for 1,000 LTC again (spent many over

the years…but on the other hand the price of LTC in april 2017 was $4.15 or some such…thus

hard not to justify, even with 20/20 hindsight swap’ing LTC for BTC

so anyway

I will be at (best case after expenses mining) 700 LTC by jan 1st instead…I likely will make 750 ltc

my new goal to hold (just not enough pump left in the scrypt pow miners)

so Nov 1st LTC I think was $52 usd so say that was stable at that price now (no pump), so $52 x

700 LTC = $36,400.00, thats repectable. The price now as I type this is $322.33 x 700 LTC is $225,631.00

er…that is insane!

on the other hand…when LTC was 50 bucks and btc was say 2.5k …if the same logic holds

for $300 ltc vs $17,000 btc price now …we could be easily looking at $1,000.00 LTC eventaully

now that would be insane :slight_smile: