Litecoin investment site?

hi guys
I saw on bitcointalk, wondering if it’s any good or anyone has tried it with LTC?
Want to start investing some of my holdings
Anyone tried?

Personally I dont trust any third parties in general, and especially not in the cryptoworld… Buy and (securely) hold - and when selling, sell into a rising market…:wink:


use as few middle men as possible…best advice I ever gave myself…if I cant mine the coin I don’t buy it…but that’s just me…

Best advice ever. So many scams it’s just sad. Litecoin is cash, you’re giving cash to a stranger on the itnernet that can walk away with it anytime they choose. Many legit businesses have stolen from csutomers, Cryptsy was the biggest altcoin exchange and stole everyone’s cons and money. If you would trust sending cash to that site, then I guess go for it but it’s a gamble not an investment. You’re gambling that they are honest and won’t decide to take the money and run, and also that they’ll be able to generate returns that aren’t based on new investor money, lots of ponzi scams out there now and many have imploded in the past. If you want look at litecoingear in the archived litecoin forums, it was a legit FPGA designer who sold miners and delivered to members of the community. Started a cloud mining company, and it was either a ponzi from the start or became a ponzi and most of the forum at the time was invested and it eventually ran out of new investors and crashed costing people fortunes.
So I wouldn’t do it at all, if you insist on doing it go really really small and even if returns are good don’t get suckered into investing more because that’s when it’s most dangerous.


I’d just like to buy some friggin’ Litecoin in the first place.

I contacted one buyer and was ignored for a whole week. I even saw the buyer popped online a few days after I initiated a buy. After a full week of silence I cancelled the trade. This buyer had one positive sell on their record.

Now I tried initiating with someone who had 7 trades, 5 of them positive, and it’s been two weeks and more silence. The guy even posted a contact email. I’ve emailed twice and silence.

I want to buy through PayPal.

I’m getting ready to friggin’ give up on Litecoin since I can’t find anyone to buy from, at this rate.

Why invest when I can’t buy in the first place?

Nobody will sell you digital cash for Paypal credits - select another payment option - like real cash…

But these people ADVERTISED that they would sell through PayPal. It’s not like they said they would sell through other measures. Why advertise you will do a trade through PayPal and then not respond?

Open an account at an exchange!

coinbase does…but coinbase sucks total ass now though… and if you have a paypal debit card you can buy on any exchange with paypal credits

I think coinbase has paypal. I know you can cashout and get paid through paypal, they charge an extra fee for it. Not sure if you can buy using paypal but I don’t see why not. You do have to do all kinds of KYC documentation giving them ID and stuff.
You could try Paxful to buy bitcoin and then exchange bitcoin for litecoin. I never used it but heard about a lot of people using it successfully. It’s like local bitcoins but with every type of payment possible so you don’t have to meetup in person and use cash you can do trades online.

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