litecoin importprivate mweb address

Help how to import a private key that would restore exactly mweb address?

P.S: I use litecoin core

I have a suspended transaction in litecoin core, at my mweb address from which I send ltc, 0 confirmations for over a week! and in expolere no this transaction, here I think how to get my ltc back!

It turns out that importing the private key to get back the mweb address at the moment is not possible? it turns out my litecoin is stuck for an indefinite time? rescanning and uploading the entire Litecoin core and the entire blockchain did not help, the transactions are still hanging unaffected.

The only way out is to import the private key into a new wallet.dat, but it is unclear how to do this to get exactly the mweb address… It’s a pity I “lost” my litecoin at the moment.

Plz help me

Maybe this command dumpprivkey mwebaddress / importprivkey mwebaddress will help
dumpprivkey mwebaddress “address” / importprivkey mwebaddress “privatkey”

I seemed to have done a “rescanblockchain” before, but it seemed like it might have helped to do a new “rescanblockchain” and the transactions went through