Hi Guys!
Thank you for the great forum!
I’m Carlo and i need transfer a bit of LTC from a paper wallet to my new Ledger Nano S.
I have problem to import my encrypted private key (that begin with 6) into a software wallet.
I do this in Electrum-LTC, but dont can import.
So i have converted the key into WIF format and i have imported…i think…but the balance are 0.
I have installed the Litcoin Core, to try with it, but i would need a guide for this…
I found anything in Google, but i’m non expert of command line and i dont would like do errors.
Do You can help me, please?
Another thing…
In my public address of the pw i see the LTC’s, but in the compressed LTC address (that i got with the WIF compression), i have balance 0.
I dont understand…

UPDATE 27/02/2018
Hi guys, sorry, but i dont can reply…i dont know why…
I have wrote to the staff.
@all: Thank you!
@PeterB: address of pw with right balance: LWDmjqFqUuAs7FLBhbLCrueb6RfcEkCjeH
address compressed with balance 0: Lfohw4yJQBV7b1RFCmfsa76SRDvVME2o81
@lance: i dont understand…what i would must write in console?

UPDATE 01/03/2018
a public and Big thanks to Mautematico that he helped me to solve my issue with extreme kindl and capacity.
@mautematico Thank you my friend!

It should be just an issue of key format, so don’t worry. It should be recoverable.
Please tell me what paper wallet generator did you use to print yours.

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Can you share the public address so we can see if it’s a legacy or segwit address?

What happens if you do “importprivkey blah” in the console of Litecoin Core?

Just to let you all know:

Carlo coins where recovered. He was using a BIP38 encrypted wallet, so 6P was not actually a private key, but an encrypted one.
Solution was. To decrypt it with Carl’s password and import the resulting 6xxx (no P) key.

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