Litecoin Hashrate drop


Why did Litecoin Hashrate drop so much?


Thank you for the fast answer. I did read about that. Its intressting to see both Hashrates slowly increasing again.

here some more posts and details:

bitcoin 40% hashrate drop:

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meh just another day in crypto :slight_smile:

won’t drop for long…all those L3+‘s will come back up online in USA and elsewhere if for no other reason but for hobby mining and heat this winter.) It will take $100 to $125 Litecoin price to compensate for this kina thing, IF, you were able to get and keep and L3+ up again I figure. We have a ‘long’ way to go from current LTC price…or at least at my 8c kWh. Do your own calculations…but dont’ look anywhere near ‘do’able’ yet, from my point of view. Also, all those china miners pulled from cheap hydro will come back up as they are sold for the cheap in China as well…how the ball rolls in asic pow mining. :frowning:

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I think the quick drop from $55 to $51 ish scared some miners.