Litecoin Halving dont affects Market Price

ive heard that the price will take no change after the litecoin halving …!!

I think the last halving of LTC if you look it up on the price of LTC was like $3.06 or some such and 1.5 years later the price of LTC was like 3.80 or something. Then the next month or so (april) the price went to $6 and then pumped after that.

Indeed, you’d need like $200 LTC to be under water mining after the halving in 12 days just to NOT make the money over electric you are not making now. This is gonna be bad, IMHO, very bad.

With, IMHO, about 75% of scrypt-pow miners being Bitmain L3+'s …they all could just be shut off as non-runable in like 12 days or so. Then say the price did pump to $200, no difference, in that they would all go back on. This is an added effect of all those miners yo/yo’ing on and off it could be months.

As to the new Innsilicon miners at around $3.5k usd. They are not making any money either and not worth buying. Indeed < ALL - Scrypt-pow coins could be in trouble at these Altcoin and LTC prices.

Could be the worst of all worlds indeed.

I invested in LTC at around $85 expecting we would be at least at $120 usd by now. Thus looking

like I screwed up as well.


Hello. I’m new here. Why did you choose LTC?