Litecoin halving doesn’t affect its price:

What’s the Litecoin halving? To be precise it is a reduction of rewards that the miner will receive. That’s a way of slowing down inflation. This is because if the miner rewards become too low, miners are no longer in good profit, meaning that the mining is reduced or they stop mining, scarcity increases and demand should therefore grow, as fewer coins are going into circulation.

The holders are excited, expecting the price of litecoin to increase after halving but it hasn’t had any effect. This is due mainly to the fact that, as we already know, 87 % of Litecoin has been mined. As a result, there are also restrictions on inflation affecting the coin.

The charts show that the price of litecoin has not changed significantly from 2023, 2019, or 2015 since it was halved. In this case, it will not affect the entire market in a bullish phase as with Bitcoin halving.

The holder is more interested in the implementation of MWEB or MimbleWimble extension blocks, which enhance the fungibility and privacy of litecoin transactions. It’s not like other blockchains where we can see the sender and recipient addresses as well as the amount being sent in every transaction. Users can use these extension blocks by putting their litecoins in these blocks and can do a transaction without disclosing their address or how much they’re sending or receiving. MimbleWimble is a privacy-oriented decentralized protocol that uses a way of structuring and storing transactions on the blockchain with privacy as we know that Blockchain transactions are completely transparent.

What do you guys think, how it will affect the account holders?

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This time it did not. Its a bad idea to plan ahead a economical tecnical change, in disregards to developments, specially economicals