Litecoin Gifting/Donations Question

I’d like to start accepting Litecoin gifting on YouTube AND I’d like the gifters to have the option to send their username for acknowledgements at the end of videos. Most payment options require a licensed business to use their service for such a feature. What’d make achieving my goal possible?

It should be simple. All that you need is to create a digital wallet and present your public address to your audience. They’ll be able to send Litecoins to that public address.

Here is a thread that explains how to get started with using Litecoin core:

I may not have explained this correctly. Acknowledgements meaning you know who sent the LTC if they provide their username with the gifted LTC. Acknowledgements are the end credits of a video showing your supporters (the LTC gifters in this case). The address creation is simple to do manually. But a simple automated system for storing entered usernames with confirmed LTC gifting seems to be like something only payment services provide. Automation would make gifting acknowledgements possible since video and media creators aren’t always notified when someone posts a comment, and often times comments can be false.