Litecoin full node

Hi guys

i want to run a litecoin full node with my raspberry 1, but i don’t know how to start .

Anyone guide me how to setup ?

I’ve been searched on google, but there are lot of result incorrect way .

if you guys have been completed litecoin full node, please send my a guide to do it

Thank all of you so much

id suggest mounting a usb drive to the pi and storing litecoin there…just make sure you un-mount it before you remove it from the pi…

Thank you . i will try and inform to you later

Dear all.

i just finished configuration litecoin full node after follow instructions from .

how can i check my litecoin is synced with litecoin network ?

good to see you got it working…try using a --help tag and see if there is a status option or something like that…might also check the current block height as a reference for that


I checked on the website below show that my litecoin node is working now .

Thank you so much.

I will make more litecoin node

hi. What is this litecoin full node for?