Litecoin Foundation Pledge Drive

Hey guys! New to litecointalk. Excited to join the community here. I’m sure some of you have already seen the litecoinfoundation pledgedrive on reddit and on twitter (Follow the #LTCpledge). But wanted to just let you guys in on the fun too just in case you haven’t!

We raised over 30 LTC in just under 48 hours. Our goal is 999LTC. It’s amazing to see the amount of support LTC has gotten and would love to keep this movement. If you want to donate, let me know by posting here a screen shot of your transaction and I’ll add it to the counter. If you send 1 LTC, I’ll even send back .02LTC your way for the first 50 to do so. Just post your address as well. I’ve already sent my 1LTC! ->

Our biggest donation was 5 LTC! But we’ll see if someone can top that. Haha.

Alright well onwards and upwards!