Litecoin Foundation Logo (30 LTC)

Litecoin Foundation will be founded soon. Its tentative mission statement is:

To advance Litecoin for the good of society by developing and promoting state-of-the-art blockchain technologies.

Its main function is to raise funding to support full-time researchers and developers as well as marketers if necessary.

We are now calling for logo proposals. Twenty Litecoins, sponsored by Xinxi personally, will be awarded to the best one chosen by us. Plagiarism will be checked thoroughly.

Submissions should be made through this forum’s private messages to @Xinxi in order to protect your design.
Your submission should include:

  • The logo in both png and vector format
  • A 32x32 favicon

All submissions will be made pubic for evaluation after the deadline.

The deadline will be Feb 25, 2017.

PS: If your account is new and thus cannot PM me, please reply the welcome PM that the system automatically sent to you so that I can raise your trust level.



How can I PM here? 20 symbols…? Maybe make it 5 at least?

20 are the Litecoins you can get if you win this competition :trophy::ltc:
You just need to provide

  • The logo in both png and vector format
  • A 32x32 favicon

We need more submissions.

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i want participate, im new , but old litecoin old forum

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I just extended this for one more month and added 10 LTC.


how can i send my logo design?

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Please read the first post above.


I did pm Xinxi this design in december, just posting instead that way at least when designers have spent time creating a logo they can get some feedback good or bad.



augustito, сколько мучений но все можно исправить.

I guess this will get finished about the same time SegWit gets adopted?

how many submissions are there currently?

Hello… I would like to know more about Litecoin.