Litecoin for trading is good only temporally

Hey guys!

Lately, I read so much information about litecoin and I have come to interesting conclusion- Litecoin for trading is good only temporally, but in long term bitcoin would be better. Prove, if I am wrong!

I am bullish on Litecoin right now. One big reason - looking forward to the next Litecoin update, which further slashes its transaction fees. From the current 0.001 LTC per transaction to the proposed 0.00001 LTC, it will be a significant upgrade for Litecoin, so i think that price swing going to be huge! :sunglasses:

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Good time to buy! :grinning: Btw - whats the app? Is this similar to Coinbase?

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You guys do know that you can make profit regardless of the direction of the market, right?
Just short sell when the price is dropping and profit form spikes…however make sure to only profit from spikes by short selling afterwards then you have your asset and profit for a new trading round…then trading draws a consistent “passive income” just like mining does…

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Yes, I know, but then you have to monitor trading markets constantly! and that is problem for me! :slight_smile:

I don’t watch the markets constantly…I can’t…I have a life and a day job

just set you buys and sells once or twice a day or so…and check them periodically…you can also get notifications via email or text from some exchanges when your order buys of sells

This is why its called “Passive income” and not just regular income