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Litecoin… is it better to sell now or hold onto your coin?


I sold the last of mine when the price was $55 way back. (retired on crypto a guy has to eat).

LTC currently = Empty.

It’s only your decision, try to read more forecasts

I am in the interesting position of ‘retrired on crypto’ thus, besides some dust accounts of some altcoins…I essentially have BTC for this plan to get to full 66 years (currently 64 now…retired 1 year) w/o touching my soc sec benifits (66 is full benifits) and/or traditional investments till then.
Thus the ‘interesting’ part of all this would be selling BTC to fund LTC when LTC and BTC are pretty much
linked in how they go up and down in price is kinda silly, at this point in time.

Lack of other revenue makes my ‘speculation’ games on crypto and such with mining now seems to be
gone. So for right now I sold 9% of my BTC hoard and all my altcoins to get thru the next year (cash) and we will see what happens.

on the other hand, I have a ‘1st world’ problem. If it is between selling any crypto and my retirement 3 years early and don’t have to deal with idiots and work for somebody…I may just have to deal with not
as much profit I may have had in the past on ‘hunches’ like LTC will go up faster than BTC and such…

so as problems go, not having any LTC now is not so bad…with BTC hoard still 91% intact…

As to how to get LTC I should be following own advice and ‘attic mining’ the only mining I recomend now…you sell crap in your atic you would normally die with…on eBay…get $$$ and convert to LTC and HODL…

If you are wrong and all crytpo goes tulips like warren buffet seems to think…you now have an empty attic and rec room and your house goes up in value $15,000 usd. If we are correct and crypto and LTC and BTC boom/moon…you still hav above and say, in my case $5k of crap converted to LTC too boot.

It is a win/win. Assuming if you are like me with a mess of stuff you’d otherwise NOT sell on eBay out of laziness and die with someday…

but yeah, w/o an income stream NOT based on BTC now anymore it is hard to get motivated to wiggle/shake or stir from BTC to LTC without some kinda angle and not just HODL the BTC, for right now anyway.

So yeah, no LTC but on the other hand no boss, no debts the last year with 2 years to go before full retirement and soc sec and traditioal investments to tag out on…

but yeah, really need to sell some crap in the attic for LTC now that you mention it


This seems like a well planned move, I would resume some trading with my current LTC on hand, and some alts in Binance. Going to try out the BiDEX :wink: