Litecoin Deposit via MWEB


About 6 months ago I updated my Litecoin Core from version 0.18.1 to version However, since I did not know how my system would react to a Litecoin deposit made through MWEB, I stopped the deposit transactions. I didn’t do anything related to mweb in the Litecoin configuration. What happens if a deposit is made into my system via MWEB ?

I will be grateful if you can help me.

You can still upgrade to without using MWEB. Just don’t use a MWEB address (ltc1mweb prefix), and you will only use mainnet litecoin txs.

Some businesses (like Binance) don’t support coins coming from a MWEB address for example, so if you have MWEB coins, you’d have to send them back to your self to a non-MWEB address, then send it to Binance.

Thank you for return. Its version was updated about 5 months ago. Only Litecoin main is active.
If a deposit is received from MWEB address to the main Litecoin address, will it be transferred to the account ?

Thanks I wasn’t even aware that the ltc1mweb prefix determines that Mweb is being used.