Litecoin crypto card empty

I need technical help. I purchased a litecoin crypto red wallet card in 2014 with the public key on the front of the card and the private key covered by a silver hologram on the back of the card . I Never uncovered the private key. I only gave out my public key twice to buy litecoin. Went to check my balance today at two different litecoin sites and it states I have a 0 balance. Where are my litecoin because I never revealed my private key-- it is still covered under that foil!

Balance: 0 LTC
Transactions in: 2
Received: 24.47 LTC
Transactions out: 2
Sent: 24.47 LTC

You’re not going to like the answer: The person that sold you that litecoin wallet likely had your private key and they decided to sweep the wallet to take the coins.

Think about it, someone printed out that hologram and or made it a sticker. The only person that had your private key was the person that sold you the litecoin wallet. So they are most likely the ones who took your litecoin.

This is the reason why, direct transactions to an account where you control the private keys is always a better option. All that being said, there is very little you can do about it now.

Warning to all persons interested in cryptocurrencies!!! If you don’t control your private key, if you didn’t generate the private key yourself, it if you didn’t hide the private key yourself, if you didn’t print the private key yourself -someone else has your private key and can take your cryptocurrency from you.

Still available on ebay by a seller in flushing. WARNING this is a crypto card for sale on ebay as of 7/19/17. NOT SAFE. DO NOT BUY DO NOT BUY