Litecoin Core Wallet Macbook transfer to External Drive

As a newbie I have downloaded the the Litecoin Core Wallet (took hours). As it updates every time I switch on my Mac I am concerned about my HD space. Can I transfer this onto an external HD and where do I find it on my Macbook and how do I transfer it? Cheers.

Litecoin Core is on your systemdrive by default but you can certainly transfer it to an external drive.
Problem: on a Mac it’s probably not straight-forward to do this for most people.

You should move your Litecoin Core folder, including the application, data blocks, wallet etc… to your external drive and whenever you want to launch Litecoin you will first have to connect the external drive, then launch Litecoin.

Perfectly doable but I know most Mac users are usually not very technical.
If you need help I could help you out step-by-step. Feel free to send me a message if you want step-by-step advice.

You could also switch from litecoin core to electrum-ltc, which syncs only block headers, thus saving lots of space and time when starting up.