Litecoin Core Wallet Encryption Password?

Some time ago I managed to recover wallet data of mine on a windows machine that went bang.
I have wallet.dat now on a LINUX machine in multiple locations with multiple versions of Litecoin Core Wallet

It is only 2 LTC but now I would like to send it somewhere

I am being asked for “Your wallet passphrase to unlock your wallet”

I have a number of passphrases saved and NONE OF THEM match

How can I send the litecoin to the address needed via the wallet if I do not know what the passphrase is ?


If you used a weak passphrase (six characters, only numbers and lowercase letters), one might help you into brute-forcing it in order to find it. However, without the passphrase, there is no way to recover the private keys to sign coin transfers.

I have bad news for you: if you can’t recover the passphrase, those Litecoins are likely lost forever.

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This is what I fear with coins, remembering all your details

You can recreate the wallet which will allow you to select a new passphrase. You need your original seed words to do this. You will have an identical wallet with a new pass phrase. Same process if you tied the wallet to a hardware device.