Litecoin core over TOR

Are there any full nodes running over tor network?

Can’t seem to get any outbound connections, sometimes get an incoming.

Been running bitcoin core over tor for quite a while so I know tor is running well.

running on updated latest debian, latest tor and latest LTC core v 0.21.3

Hmm that’s weird, I’m running a tor node. My address is: loshanri3c7zlkk2r2eobuhwrsvklxvjhry5l3b7elhuczwm2zu3t3yd.onion:9333

Let me know if it’s not working.

Added your node using addnode= and connecting but not getting any other connections. Weird!

My BTC core is running alongside and getting multiple connects.

Could this be the culprit? From the logs:

Loading addresses from DNS seed
Loading addresses from DNS seed
0 addresses found from DNS seeds

EDIT: Yeah finally, a couple new connections coming on.

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