Litecoin Core on Raspian?

Just for fun, I’m trying to solo mine with a Futurebit Moonlander on a Raspberry Pi. I’ve hit a snag though in that when I download the arm version of Litecoin core from “” and unzip it. Clicking on the contents does nothing.

I’m not highly technical and nothing I’ve found online explains why I can’t open the app. Any help would be appreciated.

Litecoin Core is not a good miner software probably you’d want bfgminer o something that could run on Raspberry Pi and support your FutureBit Moonlander. Try testing several miner software, in this forum you can investigate more.

Thank you. I looked at the quick start guide for the moonlander and it does say to use bfgminer. But is that enough to solo mine? I don’t need to run a node?

The instructions only show where to put your pool information which I’m already familiar with having managed L3+s. But I’m trying to set up the moonlander for the tiniest chance of ever hitting a block alone.

Not sure about the stats but probably you can do some math to get some aprox time to solo mine. I’d recommend poll mine.

Anyway to do solo mine you’ll need to set your ltc address in the miner config, not need to run a node.