Litecoin cash ? is it real . or a scam

is it real ? or . is it a scam ? who can you trust .

trust no1!

wait and see, if it take off, your LCC will be there to redeem later.

be careful!

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question . would you lets say move your ltc over . to nano ledger . or bitstamp and still . see . if you can redeem lcc . after ?

wise words, sound advice

likely a scam, but I’m bored…it will give me an excuse to get the old KNC 550gh Jupiter(s) up again…they are Sha-256…and mine LCC. (what the heck, I can justify the heating of the house …space heater aspects…and gives me an excuse to play with them again)

As fo IF this will make any money…or make any sense…no clue…then again…I thought that about Garlicoin and killed with the Titans and scyrpt-n protocol…so I assume NOTHING from this point on with lame coins!!!


This is very interesting and not something I even considered. Hadn’t even looked at… but now my interest has been peaked. Maybe the mistake I made buying that block erupted will turn into a profitable one.

Anyone else noticing the website being down? 502 bad gateway?

good for me!

Back now for me as well.

I find it odd that there is nothing on Github for this… and no wallet?

Part of me thinks this is a big scam to get people to share their private keys…

The site here explains in detail.

main site above. Guess is gonna be a layered launch all miners start at same time and the wallets are

not out yet, even though the coin has forked. (see above link)

So, my question is: Is it worth it to repaste and rebuild (to start) THREE KNC 550gh ASIC miners for a total of

1.650 TH at 2250 watts (if I remember right) or not?

I mean if Jihan Wu of Bitmain jumps in and treats this like Bitcoin Cash, that is not gonna make a lot of

sense. Well, better to put them back togher and repaste I guess for giggles, then miss the boat, (or

anvil…depending on if this LCC floats in any manner)

stuff to do, always stuff to do…


The price of LCC is an illusion right now because YoBit, the only exchange that cares about LCC, won’t take your LCC so you can sell it. When they do let you open a wallet you can send TO, and then sell, the price will plummet.

Not a scam as far as I can tell, but not worth getting worked up about. Only mine what you can sell though, and I don’t see any avenue to sell LCC yet. Please reply if there is an exchange.