Litecoin cash how to get them?

Hallo I have litecoin in coinbase,how could I get free litecoincash…when there is the fork??
please answer me soon…I don’t want to loose this opportunity
best regards

Best to move your coins into a wallet you own. Currently they live in a wallet coinbase owns.

I have a feelin if litecoin cash becomes a thing coinbase would eventually credit them to your account.

I don’t really know if it will become a thing. But moving your coins off coinbase and into a wallet you own isn’t a bad idea regardless.

This is what I was told, is this good?

Best way to get Litecoin Cash is to:

  1. Download a Windows/Linux/Mac wallet from

  2. Transfer your LTC to your new downloaded wallet before block 1371111

  3. Wait a few blocks to be mined after 1371111 just to be sure

  4. Transfer your LTC back to your original wallet or wherever you like

  5. Import private key from the downloaded wallet to the Litecoin Cash wallet.

  6. Your LCC should be visible.

DO NOT USE OR KEEP FUNDS IN WALLET where you you gave your private keys to claim Litecoin Cash!

basically, that’s it!

be careful, the community is been advised about Litecoin Cash being a scam… act at your own risk!