Litecoin Balance shows incorrect amount

Hi there,
I have just loaded the latest Litecoin wallet 0.14.2 onto my newer Macbook and inserted the .dat recovery wallet file from my old wallet.
Finally having synchronised, the overview is only showing 15LTC. There were only 2 deposits made, back in 2013, one of 15LTC and the other of 10LTC. So the overview should be showing 25LTC. There was also only one withdrawal made in Jan2018 from my old Macbook using the old wallet, it was 1LTC and it was unconfirmed. I soon realised that I needed the latest Wallet and also a later Macbook that could run the Litecoin Wallet.
Has the unconfirmed 1LTC withdrawal something to do with the incorrect amount showing in the overview?
Is it possible to remove or cancel the unconfirmed 1LTC withdrawal
Thank you in advance

Do you have the litecoin addresses where the deposits were made? Did you check them ik a blockchain explorer?

Yes , the 2 deposits of 15 and 10LTC were made into my LTC address.
When I input the addresses into the litecoin explorer it shows the 2 transactions, their block numbers and the balance as it should be as 25LTC.

do you still have any unconfirmed transactions??

Can you provide us with the transaction id’s or receiving addresses?

Yes, there is one unconfirmed transaction.
Am using a macbook. Is there anyway to cancel that transaction?

try abandon that transaction, after that you should see you balance.


There isnt an obvious button on the Litecoin Core page to abandon the transaction.
Can I click on it and then press the export button?

Thanks for all your help.
I found out how to right click on a macbook touch pad, ie stab the pad with 2 fingers and hey presto the “abandon transaction” appears.
Lifes for learning folks.
Peace out til next time…