Litecoin balance became 0 after reintalled Loafwallet

Dear support team,
As captioned, please help. I had trouble sending out LTC from loafwallet to the exchange yesterday. So I deleted the loafwallet app and downloaded and reinstalled. After I reintalled Loafwallet and did the recovery of my wallet, my balance became zero.
Loafwallet history shows a transaction to an address which I don’t know. I did not submit any withdrawal.
The transaction number is debf5c1071a8c7b7e2fa3067a09047da70bfa12022a69fbe06d1bf5eed14dff0
The receive address is
Is there anyway to stop the transaction to recover my coins? Does it mean that they are stolen? Please help. I am panicking. I have my seed and private key. I wrote to Loafwallet support yesterday and this morning but receive no reply from them at all. Thanks in advance!

did you delete your backup too? if you did then that is where your coins keys are…

you can only delete and reinstall as long as you have a backup or the private keys of your old wallet…

Thanks for your reply. I do have the private keys of my old wallet. What can I do now?

I use an electrum wallet and had the same thing happening. I sent 15 LTC to a new electrum-ltc wallet yesterday at 17.48 and found that they have been sent to another wallet at 21.44.
Transaccion ID : 1b9582e59c6afbfb8ea461b437392c27f2f6680a3b0dbf41e60191736a5d07c9
It was sent to the same wallet : cZvpb6MQzJQj8e3si18czAXcAfUKZxmY4

the only way to recover coins is with the private key belonging to the address the coins were sent to…if you have this private key then you can spend the coins to a new address…