Litecoin as largest digital currency

Litecoin becomes one of largest digital currency in crypto-market


80% of LTC has ben mined just like BTC , LTC will never get delsted or shut down, mehrr mining doge coins you get yhe best pf both world , its a commodity just like BTC. When the media talk about btc thy will have the price of ETH and LTC listed price on tv .


Well it is number 13 in market cap. When do you think it will be in the top 5? It seriously and pathetically underperformed bitcoin BTC for the last 7 years. Do you have some information to lead us to believe things have turned around?

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Who cares about market cap? Network Activity is much more accurate for liveliness.


I don’t invest in liveliness, I invest in assets that outperform so my money grows. I don’t follow cults, I follow trends.

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No one asked you to follow a cult. FYI Net Activity is not a cult. Its more accurate to look at the mentioned net activity than a market cap. Or a price for that matter.

You are right. But being in a cult IS ignoring market performance against the benchmark BTC over the last 7 years. I made the mistake of HODLing too much LTC over that period while BTC outperformed LTC by over 4X. ETH, my second largest holding outperformed LTC by 30X. Holding onto a currency because the founder who forked bitcoin sold out at the top at $300 and put it all in bitcoin, and if you still have the slogan etched in your head “LTC is the silver to BTC gold” , then yes YOU are in a CULT.

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Yes, did you notice that many Litcoiners believe that being in the news is bad for the coin. The coin Litecoin is in grave danger of being forgotten. There are around 100 of hardcore Litcoiners on twitter. Most don’t use tags, In Tiktok I have yet to discover the litecoin account.

Outperform is not what Litecoin should be after. Yeah I know holding a few 1000 coins and a 10$ rise makes many people happy. Look at BTC, now it’s so volatile making Bitcoin unsuitable to us as a payment. In 10 Minutes you easily lose 1000 USD.

Why do you think the shopping scene is so reluctant to accept bitcoin?

ETH outperforms LTC, solution swap all LTC into ETH and no more bad feelings.

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You will seevETH in the long run stile with high gass fees and ownership buy big corporations. Realy ETH is saling out to the big boys and wont be desensitized


ETH is the stable base to build on, the operating system for the apps. The second layer offers the lower cost transactions and scaling solutions while still maintaining the security of the foundation ethereum network.

That is true. Use the small amount of LTC you have for regular purchases and store the bulk of your crypto worth in BTC. No problem, BTC does NOT have to be the go to currency, just the go to store of value. My mistake was holding way too much LTC over the years and regretting it big time. I try and learn from mistakes.

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Having use cases DOES NOT make it a good investment.
It makes it a good payment unit when you need to spend some.
Invest in something that performs well, occasionally swapping for some LTC to make payments. I would rather pay on my COSTCO VISA and get 2 or 3 % back on every purchase. Then I can buy bitcoin with my savings. And I can reverse payments, and buying appliances my credit card doubles the warranty period on the appliance.

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Buying coins is not even an investment in my book, its closer to gambling than to investment. Don’t like the performance of a coin? Sell it, take your loses and learn from it.