Litecoin Android Wallet show "This payment has not been transmitted yet"

Good Day,

Does anyone know how to retrieve the litecoin since “this payment has not been transmitted yet” error message show on my litecoin android wallet transaction when I transfer litecoin to Poloniex. It seems like the Litecoin wallet in my android phone does not exist in Google Playstore anymore as I try to sync or update my litecoin wallet but not able to track the app in the store. Is it something to do with Litecoin SegWit implementation. Appreciate your prompt attention and assistance on helping me to solve my problem with my litecoin. Thank you.

there is no app in the google play store as far as I know but there is an android wallet at

SEGWIT does conflict with some older wallet versions however it shouldn’t effect your wallet syncing the blockchain as your is just not running segwit transactions…if you cannot find an option to cancel the transaction you might have to just import the address to a core wallet with the private key that is on your device