Litecoin and Node

Hey brothers, is the litecoin network rewarding its nodes? I see that there are only 1.209 nodes in the network it seems to be not very many, because the bitcoin network has 7.712 nodes.
Is it possible that in the future the network will work on the principle of Ethereum 2.0? (node+staking)

A long time ago, it was possible to run a node and mine your coins. This was basically the same thing, but mining started to grow separately.

On Litecoin network, only miners are rewarded. There is no staking process available.

Do you think staking will become possible in the litecoin network in the future? Ethereum used to not have staking available either, but now the POS algorithm is becoming more and more popular.

I don’t think so. Most of Litecoin community don’t want to move to POS.

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