Litecoin 2011-2022 History Book Research & Write-up

Hello Litecoiners,

For some time, I have considered writing a history book about the Litecoin blockchain. It will cover as many major LTC milestones from Oct 2011 to the end of 2022. I feel it will beneficial to chronicle what has already occurred and provide the community with a nostalgic resource. The Litcoin 2011-2022 history book (paperback, hardcover & eBook) will be over 150 A4 (colour interior) pages.

Please retweet, like & support me as I progress with researching Litecoin events (Twitter Account @CryptoBooksAlt)

I have already self-published nearly 30 crypto history books over the last 8 years.

I recently began to write similarly formatted books late last year. So far, I have self-published the Groestlcoin, DigiByte & Syscoin history books.

I am keen to add Litecoin to the series of Crypto History Books (#cryptohistorybooks hashtag). I know it will be a massive undertaking to discover LTC events since Oct 2011. If you can, please support me during the write-up:

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I hope the Litecoin community will get behind me and make the history book a reality. Thank you in advance for all your support.


Hello. Welcome to the Litecoin community. I have made a small donation, hopefully you’ll attract enough people interested in this project in order to get it started.

Have you considered also writing about the economic side of cryptocurrencies? More than a year ago, I began to write an article to instill rationality among the economic agents involved with cryptocurrency, but the bull market struck, and nobody was interested in anything but the party that was going on. My insights regarding the crypto environment have also matured, and I now can see from new angles, such as: the crypto market is a perpetual refinancing market. Cryptos have different trends and different interest rates, and this has an influence in their relative values. Everyone needs a loan to leverage their position, so the plan is to get loaded with good debt (debt that is denominated in depreciating currency with the lowest real interest rates) to purchase good currencies (currencies that appreciate and are lent with the highest real interest rates).

I think it’s still going to take some time until we actually use crypto for payments, because the market evolved in a way that made them more useful as assets which are used for collateral to borrow bad currencies which are the ones that are actually spent.

A bank in Brazil will charge pricey interest rates, but one can get a cheap loan in BRL like this:

  • Place your strong cryptocurrency on the margin account.

  • Find a low-quality cryptocurrency that has a nominal interest rate of 36% on the year and is on a downtrend (we are after the bull market, so it shouldn’t be hard).

  • Convert everything to a strong currency right now (GLD). Use these savings on whatever business you’re running right now and use your cash flow to slowly pay the debt of the depreciating currency (it’s not hard to find these in this **** show that is the crypto market).

Now that I have found this, it has become pointless to try to develop an economy around crypto. Now I get why is that there were so many people wishing for the price of Litecoin to go up (when I dreaded that, because it would make it harder for me to convert my hard-earned fiat into LTC). That makes their collateral (LTC) stronger, enabling them to borrow more.


LOVE reading about the history of cryptocurrency! I’m currently reading, " The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum". I’ve read everything history-related I can get my hands on.
If your book is about beginning to present, and is not just about the technical side of LTC but of the people involved (with some of their history), the good/bad, the headaches and triumphs, etc…then I’d love to read it!
Do you have a link to some of your other books?

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Thank you for replying :slight_smile:

I’ve self-published books to Amazon for 8 years. Groestlcoin, DigiByte and Syscoin are my recent written pieces. Follow me on Twitter if you want: @CryptoBooksAlt

I aim to include insights from Litecoin community members in the book. I’m seeking support via donations to help give me the time and resources. Litecoin deserves to be included in the series of books I have embarked on completing.

Any help is much appreciated

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This might be an obvious answer, but this is the best Litecoin history I’ve ever seen written down. By @coblee himself.


I am very keen to write an amazing Litecoin 2011-2022 history book for release at the end of the year. I can only achieve it with support from the community. If you can, please support the write-up as I continue researching LTC events from 2011 onwards:

$LTC: LLi4qo9NY3qMxXdvnGhFRoC1jDYmsjnhye

I know it won’t be an easy task, hence the reason for asking for donations. It will take significant time to find out key events, especially for the early years.

Once again, please support the write-up. Let’s make it happen!

I’m currently researching Litecoin historical events and forming a lengthy timeline. Please retweet and like the tweet at @CryptoBooksAlt

Unfortunately, I don’t know how far I can go with research and then the book itself. I have slim resources and my personal circumstances will soon change. I love writing about the history of blockchains in terms of the tech and social aspects. I hope the community will spur me on to get the book complete.

I also hope to see more replies to this thread. Talk soon