Litecoin 0.21.2 SHA256SUMS.asc

Latest release litecoin-0.21.2 does not seem to have the SHA256SUMS.asc mentioned in README-HOWTO-GPG-VERIFY-TEAM-MEMBERS-KEY.txt

I did see a list of checksums on the release notes in github/here but it’s not in a signed file like every other release and cannot be verified.

Is there a reason that file is missing, or was it an omission? If it’s no longer being provided, will the README-HOWTO-GPG-VERIFY-TEAM-MEMBERS-KEY.txt receive an update?


Probably this partially answers your question:

It does not. There is no mention in that other thread or the release notes as to why the SHA256SUMS.asc file is not there for this release.

As mentioned, I already saw the list of hashes on those release notes, but those are not in a signed file uploaded with the release, as previously done for releases, and so we have no means to verify those hashes are the correct hashes or that they came from the Litecoin team members.

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Ah, now I understand. This seems like a valid concern… @David @losh11

@David_Burner verify the @Mysecretaccount

You have wrong contact.

Please correct.

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