Litebringer LTC Blockchain Game 10.1.2020 (as of sucks big time!)

LiteBringer RPG Game from this month’s LTC Newsletter October 2020 and on LTC Foundation Site.

Review on below of alpha back at beginning of 2020.
LITEBRINGER | Alpha First Play - YouTube

Anyway, looks ‘interesting’ good to see something of some note coming our way with LTC use.


Well my impressions of Litebringer game is it really, really, sucks…unless I’m missing something you simply go from an overhead map point to another overhead map point and get loot…thus you have to wait for blockchain to catch up when you log into the game (3min) then each move (2min) then it sits and thinks about you at the spot on the map if you win or not (2min) then it says LOOT and you repeat…maybe I’m missing something but this game is more boring than Minesweeper with less drama! :slight_smile: Anyone else try this game? Maybe I’m missing a menu where something actually happens instead of above? Sheesh…what a waste of time! *until I’m ‘enlightened’ in some manner’ :frowning:

Been really busy, so haven’t had the time to really try it out. Will see tomorrow I guess.

Let me know…maybe I’m missing something…maybe I need to use something besides Firefox. :frowning:

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Sorry to say the Litebringer game really really sucks. You just simply equip and change an overhead view of like 8 towns into red or green (green means you won)…it is more boring than a board game in the same format…at least you can flip the cards…it litterally is equip (and wait for micro transactons to chug thru) then mouse over a crummy map with say 8 towns. Point on town. Then you attack…chug chug again…then it flags that you won an you can loot…thats it…you just change towns from 1 color to another like a board card game.

So I uninstalled it…

What do others think? I’ve been gaming since 1980’s on an Apple ][ it is the worst game I’ve ever seen…of any kind…I can’t emphases how ‘lame’ this game is.


I agree with 99% of what you said but 8 towns? I see like 30 or so, if not more.

just what towns I can see on the screen…you can "gasp’ scoll and ‘move the screen’ to see MOR

towns …yippie…skippie…

(what an innovative game option…NOT!)

I gave up on the first 8 towns to see what this game was…was like…Ack! The waste of Time! Ack!

Lame, so lame…the lamest game I’ve ever seen…all the way back to my Apple ][ game days!

I do admit the micro-transactions that are slow as heck do work…

but the game seems to be an after thought…

they would have been better off adding micro LTC transactions to Minesweeper or Solitaire games


on that I agree or some sort of animation to the battles - it left a lot lacking indeed. I had $1 put in at the start, still playing on that $1 will do so until it runs out lol.

I killed it as soon as I xfered my LTC out. The game was not worth the drive space.

wait, you can xfer the ltc out? hmm. i see people selling characters at stupid prices maybe I should sell my character he’s evolved 5 times with gear all evolved 5 times as well lol maybe I can make my $1 back.

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yeah…it is under the settings menu i forget where you can send it to an outside address…they did tell me it is IMPOSSIBLE to swipe the priv key on the paper wallet they gave you to add LTC to the game…so i wasted 1/2 a day on that till I was told…you simply click on the total coin you own on a bottom of some screen…again…forget which and then send it to a different LTC address…I myself put $50.00 in the game just as an excuse to get some LTC (thus my paper wallet travails above) …so for my $50 back in the way back when I got like 1.09 LTC …so I got out after fees and game playing etc, 1.07 LTC…I never played the silly ass boring game long enough to develop a character…a couple hours of my life in game and getting LTC back I will never recover. If you get stuck let me know…I’ll try to remember how I got the LTC out again. Anyway LTC went up about 3x for my efforts so I should call it a win an move on. :slight_smile:

lol gotcha! I only put $1 in and have been on that same $1 since day one. Yea, it’s boring I agree, but I sit at my desk a lot so it gives me something to click. lol

You are a ‘victim’ of this! Well known phenomena :slight_smile:

The game was created to demonstrate what Bogost felt were the most commonly abused mechanics of social games, such as the promotion of social interaction.

Run Away! Don’t Waste Your Online Life With This LiteBringer Game! It is ‘evil’ :slight_smile:


lol I would not say it is that bad. one point/click thing wont kill me.

Each its own. But it is bad…so very, very, bad as a game IMHO…sheesh! :slight_smile:

It is the equiv of a faucet for LTC disguised as a game IMHO…yech! :slight_smile:


I have seen many games much worse than this.

Ack! That is ‘horrible’ Ack!

Sorry for your game related ‘abuse’ I’ve been lucky I guess, not as much trauma! :slight_smile:



There isn’t a lot of development going on in this space in LTC but hoping we will see more of this coming our way.