Litebringer LTC Blockchain Game 10.1.2020 (as of sucks big time!)

LiteBringer RPG Game from this month’s LTC Newsletter October 2020 and on LTC Foundation Site.

Review on below of alpha back at beginning of 2020.

Anyway, looks ‘interesting’ good to see something of some note coming our way with LTC use.


Well my impressions of Litebringer game is it really, really, sucks…unless I’m missing something you simply go from an overhead map point to another overhead map point and get loot…thus you have to wait for blockchain to catch up when you log into the game (3min) then each move (2min) then it sits and thinks about you at the spot on the map if you win or not (2min) then it says LOOT and you repeat…maybe I’m missing something but this game is more boring than Minesweeper with less drama! :slight_smile: Anyone else try this game? Maybe I’m missing a menu where something actually happens instead of above? Sheesh…what a waste of time! *until I’m ‘enlightened’ in some manner’ :frowning:

Been really busy, so haven’t had the time to really try it out. Will see tomorrow I guess.

Let me know…maybe I’m missing something…maybe I need to use something besides Firefox. :frowning: