Lite coin price prediction till year 2030

Litecoin was at the third position in cryptocurrency by market capitalization for a very long time. This crypto coin has been active for over twelve years now and has managed to be successful for most of this period. At the moment, it is still ranked among the top 12 cryptocurrencies by market Cap.

After the analysis of the prices of Litecoin in previous years, it is assumed that in 2024, the minimum price of Litecoin will be around $136.00. The maximum expected LTC price may be around $160.94. On average, the trading price might be $139.86 in 2024.

The year 2030 will be determined by the maximum LTC price of $1,564.99. However, its rate might be around $1,305.28. So, the expected average trading price is $1,341.51.

So If we hold litecoin for a long time, it would be more fruitful for us


for sure, you can hold but, be prepared for the possibility of both gains and losses in the value of your investment. Keep yourself informed about developments in the cryptocurrency space

How do you mine? solo? Which miner are you using? I’ve been into this for an year and i need people to conslt with.

I also like LTC more than BTC due to much better “parameters” such as difficulty adjustmetn, blocktime , fee and now privacy.
However price wise this is not going to persuade people to buy into LTC sadly.
Consider this scenario:
200 LTC = 0.5 BTC (roughly)

2030 → 200*1200$ = 240 000 $ for the LTC
How much do you imagine BTC be worth by 2030? we have estimates of over 100k already this or next year…
So by 2030 my guess it it will be much higher than half a million or maybe even a million…

On the other hand if LTC gets more adoption and say it’s price goes to 10k by 2030, then we’re talking :slight_smile: