Liquid cooling modification on L7's

Wanted to see if anyone else here is modifying their L7’s with the liquid cooling kits that are on the market. I recently bought 2 new miners and installed the Lianli solution with swaps out the heat syncs with water cooled exhausts instead, along with a 12kw dry cooler with pump. Installation was pretty straight forward and everything is working just fine from the cooling solutions side, but both of my miners are showing heat issues…which is odd as the temp of the fluid shows cool and isn’t even warm to the touch. I am using dielectric fluid instead of water and glycol, as I figured it would work just as well and in the case there was a physical failure, it wouldn’t damage the miner if the fluid got on the miner components.

Any feedback would be good. I am trying to use the HiveOS now to tune and use their immersion cooling mode so that fan errors aren’t an issue.

how close are your cooling devices to the actually heating source?

Not sure what you mean by “heating source”. The miners are only about 5 feet from the air cooler that cools and circulates the fluid. It looks like one board, board one in each of the miners is running higher temps than the other 2. They alternate getting too hot and diminishing hash capacity. They are also in between a bunch of other miners, so there could be a element of heat in that area that is building. I am going to try and spread them out, as well as get some cooler air on the dry cooler.

Also, no luck with HiveOS. It doesn’t report anything on the miner dashboard or through their portal. Supposed to be a load and go scenario, but no such luck on either of these two miners.

Pretty far away to have a cooling effect.
I’d suggest you mount a copper shield similar to the laptops copper devices onto the cpu or GPU whatever you ned to cool and stick the other end into cool liquid. Distance should be similar to the laptop’s. may 10 inches I guess.


Choose the right location for mining setup and avoid placing your miner in areas prone to high heat or limited airflow. You can also use air conditioners as additional cooling mechanism, and other one is that you can clean the heat sink and fans to remove the dust and debris so that your miner’s fan work properly.

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Put miners in proper clean, moist free, ventilated & air-conditioned area with exhausting. Use liquid nitrogen instead of other coolants.