Linux uninstall

I installed litecoin-0.18.1-x86_64-linux-gnu.tar.gz on my Linux Mint machine and want to uninstall it. How??? Thanks

Welcome to linux and Mint (great distro)

Check this guide, three ways to do it:

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None of that is helping in this case. Not in Software Manager, not found by Synaptic mgr, and I don’t know what to enter after sudo apt-get remove to make it work

As far as I know. Linux does not automatically create a desktop shortcut for Litecoin Core. In my distro at least. So in order to uninstall you simply have to delete the Litecoin Core folder and the .litecoin directory which is hidden. Open your file manager and click CTRL + H to show hidden files.

Do it at your own risk. Make sure you have done any backups necessary.

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