Lightning Network on LTC?

I understand that progress is slow with a small development team, but is it the goal of LTC devs to launch Lightning Network on LTC after segwit activates? It seems like it will be 3-6 months before segwit activates on BTC, and it seems like LTC could serve as a testnet for BTC, while also generating interest in LTC development.

Just curious if this is a goal of the LTC dev team?

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Yes, absolutely!

As the Litecoin community is more tightly-knit, we believe there will be more consensus in support for Segregated Witness and Lightning Network support. The Core Developers have be in talks with pools, and as far as I know, there is great overall support for these features.

Whilst we will not be using the same activation measures as Bitcoin Core:

  • Deployment via IsSuperMajority instead of BIP9 Version Bits
  • Deployment consensus target of 75% vs 90% on Bitcoin Core

I imagine SegWit will be activated on Litecoin at an earlier date. We hope to set this as an example to the rest of the cryptocurrency community.