L3+ solo mining on a home network


Where did you get the UNOMP software. Was it this: https://github.com/UNOMP/unified-node-open-mining-portal?

Have you tried: https://github.com/zone117x/node-open-mining-portal

You know you can test on the test network (set testnet=1 in the coin.conf). This is how I confirm my pool is configured right. You can also rent some hashing power from a place like Nicehash to get a quick test running, buy like 100 GHS for 12 hours or whatever (and do load testing if you’re into that).

I’m having luck with: https://github.com/zone117x/node-stratum-pool. Finding Litecoin blocks but only with lots of hashing power.

Strange issues arise though, very hard to troubleshoot on the Litecoin network since the difficulty is very high.


I visited both of those GitHubs that you referenced but I would have to look at the code to see which I used. My desktop has dual boot Linux/Win 10 on it and after that flurry of work using Win 10 for many days straight without rebooting or anything, when I did reboot my system yesterday Windows decided it was going on strike and the USB ports no longer are recognized under that OS. Boots in to Linux fine and the ports work so I am resetting Windows now.

I am on my laptop writing this and finishing some work up and followed up on the VPS and my install. I did hit a block yesterday afternoon apparently and it looks as if paid out to all accounts properly so that part of the testing is finished but, no, I was not up to speed on the whole ‘testnet’ configuration or how it actually worked so I just skipped that and went straight into production. DGB is a great coin and luckily it does not take very long relatively speaking to hit a block, and even then it is not like losing a lot of money if I did screw up somewhere.

I was doing all this more as a learning experience than anything else. I did want to compare how well I would do mining with one L3+ solo for DGB as compared to TBFactory but in all honesty I think it is safe to say that unless I were to solve blocks at a rate more often than I expect then it is well worth paying a mining pool the 1% - 1.5% or so to not have to deal with the headaches of upkeep and maintaining a pool myself. Guess I am getting to old.

I just now realized that I am on the Litecoin forum talking about another coin - probably not the most respectful thing one could do. Hahaha.

I believe in Litecoin and promote it equally aggressive so no harm.


I’m having this issue now where we will hit a few blocks then nothing for far too long to be OK. This is using https://github.com/zone117x/node-open-mining-portal mining Litecoin with 0.1 THS. I know there is some variance but it’s getting a little concerning that we go so long without a block. We kind of know what a healthy amount of blocks should be based on what we see the rate of blocks found is when the 0.1 THS is pointed to litecoinpool.org.


Hey you said to pm you if somebody needs help with this. Can I please get some help. I will gladly pay for a working setup.

I own GPU rigs, a few small Scrypt ASICs and 4 L3+ Antminers

I would like to setup a personal pool or solve this issue of solo mining with the L3+ through ethernet. I’ve got the USB Asics to work on local wallet, I think I will need to setup a pool for the Antminers. I’ve even snooped around in putty SSH to see what I can find. I tried killing CG and restarting it.

The main issue i find is the version of CGminer that is on the l3+ forced stratum+tcp:// on the pool url, even if you explicitly put http:// it comes up null. Anyone notice that?


Hi Trix,

Thank you very much for your post, it has been very useful. I have been able to compile the project, and set the basic configs without any problem. However, I am trying a completely new, scrypt-based altcoin (not included in config repo), and I do not seem to be able to connect.

What is the best way to PM you (I do not seem to have this option in this forum), maybe there is a good way to share our Discord IDs?

Thank you very much in advance!


Would like to send you a pm, not sure how to.


what is L3+ Solo mining

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can someone please help please i need a simple answer im running 90 ltc l3+ on a pool but want to solo mine now using windows as my node/server which is downloaded and sync
can i have the complete list of commands to place in the %appdata% litecon.conf and the complete list of commands to put in the cg or bfg miner

keep getting please enter url and pass and user when trying to start it :slightly_frowning_face:

ive looked everywhere online but all i could find was some scottish guy either pissed or druged out his face on youtube that made nonsense

get this working ill when i hit my first block ill give you a 2 lite coins for your help